Housing and Commercial Development
Sparkasse Herzberg "An der Sieber"

1st prize in competition according to GRW


Four structures are arranged around a green inner courtyard, where an old lime-tree provides scale and orientation. The inner courtyard is kept free of traffic and noise and gives a special urban planning emphasis with interesting visual references and views, among them castle Herzberg.


A glazed rotunda and a two-storey, partially structurally supported building serve as an administrative building for the Sparkasse. This type of construction makes it possible for the green of the nature reserve "Sieber" to flow into the inner courtyard. Public functions such as a restaurant, law-office and medical practice are located along Osteroder Strasse. 


The self-service area of the Sparkasse, the event space for the service-living area as well as the access to the underground parking garage are located at the ground level of "Pfingstanger".

The urban functions of living and working have been combined in a pleasant atmosphere close to nature. Few local materials and a manageable number of forms and references characterise the scene. The quality of living of the 36 appartments of various sizes stems from, among other things, orientation, well-organized floor plans, large windows with noise-control as well as balconies, terraces and equipment of resilient and stable value.