New Construction, Sanatorium Bad Schmiedeberg,
Eisenmoorbad Bad Schmiedeberg Kur-GmbH

The design of the new building for the rehabilitation hospital for orthopaedics and gynaecology with 244 bed rooms, treatment facilities and leisure rooms in "iron moor bath" Bad Schmiedeberg pays tribute to the art deco buildings of this traditional spa. It utilises the existing spa building's original construction materials - natural stone, plaster, brick - and represents them in a contemporary manner.


ground floor plan

The new building height is scaled carefully keeping the neighbouring villa in mind. It is also scaled to be lower than the existing tree line. An inner atrium that opens to the sky connects all floors and provides an attractive space in bad weather conditions. The heart of the building is the spa department with physiotherapy, moor baths, therapy pool, sauna and swimming pool, all located at mezzanine level. All patient rooms are exposed to plenty of daylight and open up to the expansive outdoor grounds.

view towards the south