New Construction, Maximum Security Area of a Forensic
  Psychiatric Hospital in Göttingen and Heat Supply for the
  Juvenile Institution in Leineberg

  MRVZN Moringen, 1st prize in architectural competition

Tagesklinik Clinic for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Eisenach
Architectural Team Schwieger and Ortmann
Ökumenisches Hainich Klinikum gGmb

 Forensic Psychiatric Hospital Mühlhausen 
Ökumenisches Hainich Klinikum gGmbH

1st prize multiple commissioning

Psychiatric Hospital of the University Göttingen,
Reconstruction and Extension, 2nd stage, government of Lower Saxony

 New Construction, Sanatorium Bad Schmiedeberg,
Eisenmoorbad Bad Schmiedeberg Kur-GmbH