Haus 6House 6
Diakonie Christophorus Göttingen

3rd prize in architectural competition

Dachreiter AmelungsbornRe-erection of a Ridge Turret
on the Abbey Amelungsborn

Administration of Abbey Amelungsborn
Competition, acquisition

Maßregelvollzug GöttingenNew Construction, Maximum Security Area of a Forensic Psychiatric Hospital in Göttingen and Heat Supply for the Juvenile Institution in Leineberg
MRVZN Moringen
1st prize in architectural competition


Technische KücheNew Construction, Technical Kitchen
ARGE Schwieger und Ortmann
Ökumenisches Hainich-Klinikum gGmbH
1st prize

 New Learning and Study Centre 
Georg-August-Universität Göttingen

Competition 2.rank

 German Primate Centre Göttingen
New Entry Lobby Design, 2009

Competition, 1st prize

 New Construction, Centre of Cultural Sciences, School of Philosophy,
Georg August University Göttingen

 Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organisation
New construction, Institute with experimentation hall
Am Faßberg 11, 37077 Göttingen
Max Planck Society, Munich

Building Competition, 1st Prize 
Selected: Architecture Day 2006, experimentation hall

 Project award by federal competition
"Deutschland: Land der Ideen" 2007


Housing and Commercial Development
Sparkasse Herzberg "An der Sieber"

1st prize in competition according to GRW