Our goal is to create good everyday architecture - usable, durable and efficient.

What is important to us:  

Our clients
 - Respecting and incorporating their needs and wishes

 - User Flexibility
 - Combination of construction and fit-out
 - Resilient and easy maintenance 

 - Naturalness, Recyclability
 - Use of materials with good aging qualities
 - Sensible use of building technology

 - Design reduced to the basics
 - Innovative architecture

To design and construct buildings that will age with dignity and beauty.

*Everyone is now talking about sustainable buildings.
 We have been working this way since 1981! 

Member of the BDA, Bund Deutscher Architekten

Member of the DWB, Deutscher Werkbund

Member of the DGNB, German Sustainable Building Council

Member of the Advisory Board of the city Wolfenbüttel